Pomosexuality: Finding an expression that fits

During the early June, I found myself getting ready myself for any rainbow advertising and red cleansing that comes with the party of Pride period each year.

With this month, companies and organisations typically come up with new logos and differing forms of rainbow branding. They number talks, strategy reveals, and make a rapid work to ensure conversations feature conversations of sex and sex.

For this one month, as a queer performer, the spotlight which is directed completely from me for the majority of the remainder year is actually suddenly shone on my face. When really, every one of these curated spaces becomes a battle floor where i need to fight to inform the story of my sex and sex authentically, and to dispute the importance my personal presence beyond one marketable thirty days.

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haven’t constantly had 100% clarity about my sexuality. During the age 5, I experienced attraction to simply two men and women. We arrived on the scene as bi but, as I became, i discovered me becoming keen on a lot more than two men and women. I was much more aware of the sex range, and began to recognize as pansexual. For some time I caught to my cooking pan identification securely, and I also never ever considered that certain time it would started to feel inaccurate.

We begun to check out and connect a lot more, mentally and literally, with my existing companion of opposite gender. Through this exploration, we realized that there had been no routine to my appeal towards others. I got when fully understood a part of my personal identity as having intimate contacts with particular sexes and aromatic associations with other people. Today, I became starting to realise that wasn’t the way it is.

These emotions had been confusing. I felt that my personal experience not suit the information of pansexuality I encountered. Sometimes, attempting to mark my sexuality triggered me personally a lot more anxiety and stress. Although we realized my sex ended up being authenticated by my alternatives, we nonetheless felt the requirement to establish every one of my partnerships, and prove over and over my personal place within the LGBTQIA+ society.

I thought that there is even more to my personal sex than just only description. Giving my self brand-new tags had been getting upsetting instead liberating, and my existence had started deteriorating considering it.

It actually was with this time that I came across the expression “pomosexuality”.


omosexuality describes individuals whose intimate direction isn’t really represented through old-fashioned terms and conditions, including homosexual, heterosexual, and bisexual. Some pomosexual people is queer or questioning, and others might not. When I browse furthermore engrossed, we recognized that pomosexuality, also called “labeln’t”, refers to somebody who denies, or doesn’t fit, all labels that are supposed to symbolize a particular style of destination.

A pomosexual individual denies, provides an aversion to, or will not fit any sexual orientations such gay, directly, bisexual, asexual, etc. This could be because they discover common ways of describing intimate positioning inadequate when considering defining unique experience.

A pomosexual individual might not even feel sexual appeal after all. Pomosexual people are maybe not thinking about specifying just how they feel sexual destination, or towards who. They just do not want, or need, a far more particular tag.

Discovering pomosexuality relieved the responsibility I’d usually felt when trying to establish my personal sex.


also discovered just a bit of the historical past behind the definition of. It absolutely was created in 1997 by writers Carol Queen and Lawrence Schimel. ‘Pomo’ is short for postmodern and, even though the term overlaps with many others, it is not ever been intended to change all of them. Rather, various other tags and ideas have actually supported given that starting point for any concept of pomosexuality.

The ebook


: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sex

by Carol Queen  draws on similarities to your postmodernism art action in its research from the development of pomosexuality. It implies that the good thing about postmodernism – and of pomosexuality – cannot be appreciated without analyzing their sources in modernism. The ebook acknowledges that although much more “neatly organized” intimate orientation labels discovered in the LGBT+ area might fit some, not absolutely all people feel as though they can fit those brands.

Utilizing the finding of pomosexuality, my journey to correctly define my personal sexuality provides at long last visited a finish. The word has provided me with the ability to explain my genuine home, and contains helped us to obtain my emotions and attractions through validation it offers. For a long period we believed that there was clearlyn’t a proper term in English that described my personal sex.

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Pink Flamingo



omosexuality was a phrase that i ran across once I required it the majority of. But once I began coming-out as pomosexual to people, a fresh type battle began.

Some believed that I found myself misspelling the phrase ‘homosexual’. Some thought that it absolutely was just a ‘fancy’ phrase to determine my sex. Other people believed that I became deploying it because we feared coming out as a homosexual, hence this is a word to hide behind because I found myself nervous to-be associated with males. Some even ridiculed the complete existence with the phrase and my experience, contacting myself an attention hunter.

We are nonetheless battling for greater recognition of LGBTQIA+ society all together, and personal intimate identity typically goes completely invisible. The acceptance of alternate sexualities still is a long way away, together with fight has barely begun for pomosexuals. But I’ve realised that through the help of my voice, that is something we could accomplish more quickly.

There is something towards phrase pomosexuality which intrigues individuals, and also this intrigue is really what encourages my creativeness.

I wanted to commemorate my real intimate identity as a tribute towards the a lot of people just who identify as I carry out, and that I wanted to produce artwork that exists within the framework. I’ve constantly thought that artwork may have a lot more power than words.

I do want to generate bigger recognition, and art is actually my personal weapon generate it.


frequently use pull to talk about my personal self-acceptance of personal intimate positioning. Shades of pink and white define the pomosexual satisfaction banner, therefore in my own most recent work,

Pink Flamingo

, i desired to generate a peek stirred by it. With the aid of Manab Das, a friend and a photographer, I happened to be capable deliver this imagery alive.

Making use of significant tones of green, white, and bluish, i am decked in a comfortable saree and an unbarred arm. I present my sex by featuring my upper body; clean in elements, and others continue to be covered.

The title of might work is a mention of the the cult film

Pink Flamingos

, whereby digital tips of sexuality and sex were notoriously ruined by John liquid and Divine. The movie is the one that assisted me personally in my own journey to get recognition of my personal sex, also to sink inside concept of self-acceptance more typically.

My imagery is my means of showing the significance of self-declaration of your respective gender and sex, and of the necessity to take individuals nonetheless they want to identify.

There clearly was a fair opportunity that, while we progress, alternatives into conditions we currently use to determine the sex and gender can change. Eventually, every person could even have their very own pronoun and sex.

Whether or not or not this is the instance, all of us have an obligation to admire individuals who identify as on their own. Merely by implementing this thought process are we able to improve world an improved spot for everyone else.

There’s absolutely no queer liberation up until the final queer individuals directly to accept self-esteem is issued in their eyes. This will be genuine pleasure; the pleasure we must celebrate constantly.

Patruni Chidananda Sastry is actually an Expressionist Dancer, blogger, Folk Musician, show Artist and Drag queen from Hyderabad. Patruni began dancing from the age of 7. Patruni Sastry’s special style labeled as “Expressionism” is actually an alternative way to tell stories of understanding towards society. Patruni is carrying out Tranimal Drag within the pull name of Suffocated Art Specimen (S.A.S). Their own design for drag gives special footprints of anti-art queen, their particular blend Indian visual of pull for example pagativesham, behroopiya and other practices with drag and present it to Indian market. They co-founded
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